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Scott parties down

Adam Scott isn’t taking anything for granted, even though he’s now on an Emmy-nominated comedy.

Adam Scott isn’t taking anything for granted, even though he’s now on an Emmy-nominated comedy, Parks and Recreation, and part of a killer ensemble in the new comedy Our Idiot Brother. Scott plays one of the few people enamoured by the titular idiot, Ned (played by Paul Rudd), in a cast that includes Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel and Steve Coogan. Metro caught up with Scott to talk about couch-surfing, Emmy recognition and the legacy — and future — of Party Down.

Do you know anyone like Ned in real life?

Mm hm. I know someone that’s still around — of course he’s still around — but I mean he’s in his 40s and he has yet to have an apartment or a job, but still somehow exists in the world and just couch-surfs — and has been for about 15 years. And hats off to him. I mean, think about how charming you have to be to be able to do that.

Have you been finding a lot of Party Down fans in the industry since the show ended?

Yeah, it’s great. I mean, when we were doing it, no one was watching it. Do you know how many people watched our series finale? Sixteen thousand. But since it got cancelled its popularity has really exploded, thanks to NetFlix, mostly. Starz just never really got the show or wasn’t sure what to do with it, plus Chris Albrecht took over and was kind of cleaning house, as people do often when they take over a network.

There’s always the Party Down movie — or rumours about the movie at least.

Yeah, it’s like 90 percent there. Hopefully if we all get our s--- together we can shoot it next summer.

How has it been to get that recognition for “Parks and Recreation” while the it’s still on the air?

It’s great. I mean, we got nominated for best comedy for an Emmy, and we were all so, so happy. It feels great because when we started the season last year, we weren’t on the fall schedule.

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