Scottish designers Justin Ryan, right, and Colin McAllister are known to Canadian TV viewers for their no-holds-barred home makeover show, How Not To Decorate. The pair’s new show, Colin And Justin’s Home Heist, is being shot in Canada.


Canadian viewers have a good laugh at British bad taste whenever they tune in to watch the two Scottish designers Justin Ryan and Colin McAllister take apart and then redo homes in the United Kingdom.

But Canadians will be in their crosshairs when they shoot their new show here, and no one is safe from their acerbic wit and well-appointed rooms.

“Canada is awash in (bad taste),” Ryan said yesterday. “I’d like to say you’re a much more stylish country than Britain, but there are people out there who are every bit as unstylish as the British.”

Continuing the thought, McAllister offers: “You’re going to lose all your hideous brick-built fireplaces ... orange pine furniture will be sanded down and painted.

“We’re not having it.”

It was their painful honesty with homeowners and and witty repartee that had viewers, in both the UK and North America, watching How Not To Decorate.

Last fall, producers thought their Canadian fan base was large enough to bring the duo here to shoot a few episodes of the show.

But after their first visit to Toronto, Ryan and McAllister realized there were more homes to deal with than could be covered in a few specials. So they proposed an entire series about redoing Canadian homes.

The show, Colin And Justin’s Home Heist, will start taping in April and will air on HGTV.

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