Scratch-and-sniff Forever stamps
Photo by United States Postal Service

Waiting in line at the Post Office can be a drag, but it’ll smell a little better this summer.

The U.S. Postal Service just announced a line of scratch-and-sniff Forever stamps. The Frozen Treats stamps will feature illustrations of popsicles in various forms, ranging from chocolate confections to fruity refreshers, drawn by artist Margaret Berg.

Each stamp will have the same scent, though the U.S.P.S. hasn’t revealed exactly what they’ll smell like.

How much do Forever stamps cost?

Forever stamps — including the new Frozen Treats Forever stamp collection — currently cost $.50 each, meaning a booklet of 10 will cost you $5. A booklet of 20 Frozen Treats Forever stamps will cost $10.


However, you don’t have to get new stamps if you paid less than $.50 for the ones already in your desk. Forever stamps get the name because they’ll always cover you, no matter if you purchased them for $.46 cents a few years ago.

How much do Forever stamps cost?

Forever stamps are ideal for sending envelopes that weight one ounce or less. Letters than weigh more than one ounce will require additional postage — and it’s best to weigh your envelope to get the exact amount you need. Mail that doesn’t have the correct postage attached will either be returned, or the receiver will be required to pay the difference to get the mail.

Where to get Frozen Treats scratch-and-sniff Forever stamps

The Frozen Treats Forever stamps will be available for scratching and sniffing starting June 20 with a ceremony at the Thinkery Children’s Museum in Austin, Texas.

Don’t want to miss out on these scented stamps? You can preorder the Frozen Treats Forever stamps now on the U.S.P.S. website in booklets of 20 for $10.

Just don’t try to eat them — they might smell like delicious treats, but we can promise they won’t taste anywhere near as good as they smell.

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