Executives at Ontario’s scandal-plagued lottery and gaming corporation racked up millions of dollars in expenses for meetings, hotel rooms and meals — often with no explanation and few or no receipts, the province’s auditor revealed yesterday.

The agency furnished expensive foreign-made cars for its senior ranks, bought season’s tickets to sporting events to woo lottery retailers, and held company meetings on boat cruises — all at taxpayers’ expense, auditor general Jim McCarter found.

Rank-and-file employees at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. mainly followed the rules, McCarter said. Most of the questionable billing was traced back to senior managers who had more discretion with their expenses.

They included leasing a fleet of vehicles for 26 senior employees, most of which were foreign made, between $41,519 to $57,512 each, and giving another 16 executives car allowances of up to $24,000 per year.

Although OLG makes millions of dollars from commercial activities, it’s still a public agency and should have shown a more prudent attitude with its expenses, McCarter said.