As much as I love the Christmas season, let me be the first to say I’m glad it’s over! The Scene has been touch and go over the past few weeks. Usually Friday night is my night to make the rounds of the popular night spots in Metro. The past two Fridays have been dead, to say the least.

On Boxing Day, your Scene servant made his way to Neptune Theatre to catch one of the final performances of Scrooge.

Jeremy Webb was outstanding in the one-man show, which also featured puppets and Cirque du Soleil-style acrobatics.


I look forward to making this a holiday tradition, but sadly, my Scene spies tell me Webb may be looking to pull up stakes and move on in the new year.

After the show, my plan was to cruise the nightlife, but there was nary a soul to be seen. Folks were already tucked in their beds with visions of Boxing Day sales dancing in their heads!

The following Friday, I didn’t fare much better. Most were still recovering from New Year’s celebrations and the rest of us were still trying to dig out from the blizzard.

A quick check of the regular haunts found a birthday party at Bubbles Mansion, but a tipster told me the real party that night was at Peddlers Pub. Sure enough, the place was hopping.

Whatever the draw, it was enough to lure Bubbles from his Mansion, as Mike Smith was spotted doing a little post New Year’s partying at Peds.

The New Year’s Eve blizzard put a huge damper on the traditional levees held across Metro.

Before moving to this part of the country, I hadn’t heard much about the levee and had to do some research. It turns out the levee dates back to France and the time of Louis XIV.

In Canada, fur traders in the 1640’s would pay their respects to the master of the fort on New Years Day. Later on, the levee was an opportunity for the residents of New France to meet the governor and catch up on events in Europe. In turn, the settlers were expected to renew their pledges of allegiance to the Crown.

These days, military and government representatives of all levels hold levees, and it’s purely a social event. Nevertheless, I paid my respects to the master of city hall and got caught up on the British football standings.

This year the tradition, took a back seat to Mother Nature and the city held its levee last Sunday afternoon, four days late. The mayor and councillors were out in full force greeting the New Year and residents.

Now if someone could explain this whole “moose milk” thing to me, I’ll be set!

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