Somehow it happened. A talk about those bawdy Trailer Park Boys turned into a civilized discussion about fine wine.


It occurred during a taping of the first season of Hollywood And Vine, when hosts Terry David Mulligan and Jason Priestley were at the St. Francis Winery in California.


“I made a joke about Nova Scotian wines, and how there were no wineries in Nova Scotia,” said Priestley, the former star of Beverly Hills, 90210.


“I said, ’I think there is,’” said Mulligan, who started researching Bluenose vintages.


“Because I made that joke, we felt it was our duty to do our homework and come here,” added Priestley.

For the last few days, Mulligan and Priestly have been touring the region taping segments for the new season of their TV show, which airs on Star.

“There are enough characters here that we wanted to come and visit,” said Mulligan, driving back to Halifax after a winery visit.

They were going to stop at the Chicken Burger for a quick lunch before heading to the waterfront to shoot more footage.

On Saturday night, the two had a dinner at the top floor of the Delta Barrington, sampling local cuisine and wine — all with a commanding view of the city.

“For us, it was a two hour primer in food and wine,” said Mulligan, who also hosts a wine radio show, The Tasting Room.

“That is how you should start every trip.”

Mulligan admits he wasn’t a wine lover until Priestley got him interested.

Both knew each other from their time in Vancouver; Mulligan as a radio host and MuchMusic personality, and Priestley as an up-and-coming actor.

Priestley — who has shot a few films in Halifax — started collecting wine when he was 21 years old.

“The reality is that Terry is the wine drinker but he has no knowledge of wine,” Priestley joked.

“I understand wine and drink it, but certainly not to the excesses he enjoys.”