Harold MacKay has his sights set on a second outdoor concert for the Halifax Common next summer, but made it clear Thursday which group it wouldn’t be.

“It won’t be U2,” MacKay proclaimed of the band always dropped as a favourite for many to see live here.

But MacKay — president of Power Promotional Events Inc. — said they are talking to several different acts and while they have “had some rejections” he remains confident something will get announced.

“It would be rock ’n’ roll, not country,” he said.

“That should be coming,” he added.

MacKay said the successful 2008 summer concerts on the Common featuring Paul McCartney and Kiss has made his job easier selling concerts here. He said that’s especially true for Sir Paul, which drew more than 50,000 fans.

“It’s almost a treat to call them up (now),” MacKay said, referring to the positive feedback Sir Paul has given about his show here.

MacKay didn’t give an exact figure, but said the cost of holding Country Rocks 2010 will be “well over $1.5 million.”