Starting May 1, some drivers will pay an extra $25 to add drivers to their car insurance.



ICBC spokesman Doug McClelland said the one-time charge was implemented because 25 per cent of car crashes — about 60,000 crashes a year — are caused by secondary drivers.


"The job of insurance companies is to try to distinguish the various levels of risk between customers and then set rates based on the difference," said McClelland.

Three conditions must be met for the charge to be applied. First, the secondary driver must live with the primary driver. Second, the driver must not have his or her own insured vehicle. Third, he or she must have a worse driving record, or less experience, than the primary driver. Drivers who have gone eight years without a crash are exempt.

"It really wouldn’t make a difference for me," said 26-year-old Fekaaia Vanstolk of Nelson. "I spend that much on lunch."

"If (my boyfriend) drove it a lot, it’d be worth it," said 19-year-old Courtney Osinchuck of North Vancouver.

New Democrat ICBC critic Harry Lali expressed outrage at the announcement.

"No matter how (Solicitor General) John Les and the Liberals try to package this thing, it is nothing but a shameless tax grab by the Liberal government," he said.