The proposed simplification of secondary-suite rules have concerned residents up in arms over what they say is already condensed parking.

Laurie Kimber, co-ordinator of land-use bylaw said the draft changes could go to council by spring and would help make the rules clearer.

“They are meant to remove some confusion and mainly make the rules easier to understand,” Kimber said.

If the proposed changes went ahead, they would also allow a slight relaxation of the 700 square foot area limit in some zones, and allow back entrances.

But the proposals have concerned residents even more anxious over what they call “parking lots” on their streets, including Pineridge resident Matt-hew Hyatt.

“The streets are already filled with cars, some houses have four cars while we have to find parking on the side streets to park our two and we own our home,” he said.

Ward 7 Ald. Druh Farrell said the reason parking is a problem isn’t because of legal secondary suites — it’s because of illegal suites.

“There are literally thousands and we don’t necessarily know where all of them are. I think there are a variety of problems we need to put on the table and come up with a solution,” she said, adding perhaps council would need to look at how many parking passes are handed out.

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