Report released indicates $175M isn’t enough



Artist rendering courtesy of VANOC


The under-construction Richmond Ice Oval is one of 102 buildings that the RCMP is responsible for providing security for during the 2010 Olympic Games. A September 2005 document, leaked to the CBC, identified numerous funding gaps in Olympic security.


“At first blush, numerous financial funding gaps and risks have been have been identified.”

The RCMP’s $175 million security budget for the 2010 Olympic Games is insufficient, according to an internal document obtained by CBC News and published on their website.

“At first blush, numerous financial funding gaps and risks have been have been identified … which will negatively impact security operations,” states the 2005 report, entitled Financial Resource Gap.

The report identifies several “unfunded or under-funded financial pressures,” including the number of buildings the RCMP will need to secure rising from 21 to 102 since the initial cost calculations were made.

New Democrat Olympics critic Harry Bains said yesterday “the domestic and the international experts on Olympic securities, starting with the International Olympic Committee president back in 2003, have been warning us … that this budget was not sufficient for security.”

He said Colin Hansen, who is the provincial minister responsible for the games and Premier Gordon Campbell continue to deny the true cost of the games to taxpayers.

Which specific elements of security the $175 million will cover is part of an “ongoing discussion” with the RCMP, Hansen said.

“When they present us with their budget, we will go through it with a fine-tooth comb to make sure that all of the security requirements are covered, but in the most cost-effective way,” he added.

Campbell told media at the Tsawwassen reserve if there is an overrun of security costs, “that’s why we have a contingency.”