There’s no need to throw out that old drawer, or send those pop cans off to the recycling plant. Check out these interesting ideas for the ‘pot’ part of your own potted plants.

• Kids left their toys in the garden once too often? Use those old trucks to hold low-growing marigolds or pansies.

• Jaunty upstarts like lobelia go casual set in empty plastic yogurt tubs.

• The rough look of a weathered tin can with a peeling label is a suitable match for hard-edged plants.

• Keep old watering cans, pails, bins and buckets to house mid-sized plants, then nestle the container underneath a tree or by a pond as a visual surprise.

• Vintage tins with playful designs are the perfect accent for white geraniums in an old-fashioned cottage garden.

• Bedding plants like this blanket of alyssum, right, find a sweet home tucked into an old drawer.

Canadian Gardening Magazine. Read more in the May issue of Canadian Gardening magazine.

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