Sleepovers have long been a favorite pastime of teenage girls, but what exactly are your daughters doing at night?


Lisa Naylor, sleepover and self-esteem consultant for Dove told Metro that sleepovers have a misconception of being movies and pizza.


“Girls sometimes will get together and maybe watch movies that are too old for them, maybe do some Internet bullying or gossiping about other girls,” Naylor said. “Or they will compare their bodies or put themselves down.”


Naylor created a guide for moms across the country to teach them how to host healthy and positive sleepovers for their daughters, which coincides with Dove’s biggest national sleepover in history.


There are more than 2,000 sleepovers registered on the Dove website for the biggest sleepover in Canadian history taking place on June 7. Dove is promoting the event as a way to help girls create better self-esteem.

Rachel Vandelinder, 14, often has sleepovers with friends and will admit to some of the “negative” gossiping girls partake in.

“Sometimes a girl’s name will come up we don’t like and we will talk about it, it just kind of happens,” she told Metro. “And we do put our bodies down, but I think it’s because of society.”

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