A group of senators were in Halifax yesterday to investigate American claims of weak border security.

“You’ve probably heard comments coming out of the U.S. about Canada allegedly having a porous border and that sort of thing, and that our equipment and manpower is not up to snuff. Well, we don’t like those kinds of comments,” said Nova Scotia Senator Wilfred Moore.

Moore and eight colleagues from the Senate Standing Committee on National Security and Defence are touring entry points across the country to find flaws and make recommendations.


Yesterday they toured Halifax Stanfield International Airport, the container examination facility in Burnside and the Port of Halifax, interviewing border officials and RCMP officers.

Moore said so far they haven’t come across cause for major concerns but there are areas they’re looking into further.

“We heard some things that we don’t think perhaps there’s enough resources there,” he said. “Things such as clearance of passengers coming into the country on ships or on airplanes. They’re not all vetted.”

Moore mentioned chartered flights and cruise ships as other areas security may need to be beefed up.

The committee ends their tour in British Columbia during the third week of September and plans to have its report ready by early November.

Moore didn’t offer any speculation on rumours of a new Nova Scotia senator being appointed soon. There’s a vacancy and several candidates, including former premier Rodney MacDonald, are believed to be in the running.

“Mr. Harper hasn’t consulted with me,” Moore said. “When he does, I’ll let you know.”

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