Two senior RCMP officers in B.C. are suing the force, alleging racial discrimination following a stint in Afghanistan, where they allege officers were divided into groups based on their race.

Sgt. Derrick Ross, an acting staff sergeant currently with the RCMP’s Surrey detachment, said upon his arrival at Camp Nathan Smith in Kandahar city, it became evident there were serious issues with the work environment.

Ross and a second officer, Cpl. Greg Blain, were part of a team sent to Afghanistan to train the Afghan National Police. In his statement, Ross said it soon became apparent that officers had been divided according to race.

All the members of one team, except for one officer, were Caucasian, while a second group were members with diverse ethnic backgrounds. Ross, a Métis, along with First Nations member Blain, were part of what was called Team B.

“Team A treated Team B as inferior, excluded them from activities and targeted them for ill treatment,” said Ross’s statement filed in B.C. Supreme Court.

In 2007, a Muslim cadet in the RCMP sued and was awarded $500,000 in damages after he brought the RCMP before the Human Rights Tribunal claiming racial discrimination.