The case of Anne Semenovich, the 74-year-old grandmother accused of shooting her abusive husband, ended with a guilty plea Thursday and had both the prosecution and defence referring to the case as a tragedy.

“It’s a legal issue, sure, but it’s a human tragedy,” said Crown prosecutor Jeff Morrison. “I’ve never had a case as gruelling as this and I think this will be certainly something that I will remember throughout my career.”

Semenovich pleaded guilty to manslaughter and indecent interference with human remains. She was handed the mandatory minimum sentence of four years for the manslaughter charge and two years, to be served concurrently, for the second charge.

“Given the totality of the circumstances, I think this is a just outcome today,” Morrison said.

“Obviously the homicide is not justifiable, you shouldn’t take a gun and kill people, but it stemmed from all those years of pain and misery.”

Semenovich’s defence lawyer, Laura Stevens, made a brief statement after her client was sentenced.

“There is absolutely nothing happy about today,” she said. “It’s an extremely sad case and an unforgettable client. Her situation would have been unendurable for most people, for many years, and the tragic consequences that followed from that cannot be changed.”

Semenovich’s grandson Brian and her daughter Laurie are both facing charges in connection with this case.