Students donate gaming systems to care centre

neil mackinnon/metro calgary


Zarif Braid, 12, and Yvonne McBride, 74.

For now, Yvonne McBride would rather be on the lanes but there’s a possibility that rolling virtual balls will grow on her.

"It’s kind of fun," the 74-year-old said. "I think the more we do it, the more we’ll like it."

A group of Foundations for the Future Charter Academy middle school students helped provide McBride and her fellow Southwood Care Centre residents with their first taste of video games yesterday, donating five Nintendo Wii systems and 10 controllers they bought through fundraising.

"It just makes me feel good to put a smile on someone’s face," said Zarif Braid, 12. "I’m really happy we were able to do this."

Through two separate fundraising efforts, the students raised $2,500 for the initiative designed to provide FFCA students with the grassroots knowledge of what it means to help others and their donation to the senior’s centre was much appreciated, said Southwood recreation therapist Linda Jeffery.

"We were thrilled," she said. "We were considering doing our own fundraising because we wanted a Wii system, to check it out, but these kids showed so much leadership and community participation by working with our seniors."

It was a pretty simple decision, said Kyle Thompson, 14, as he couldn’t think of a better way to spend part of his day other than teaching seniors how to bowl on the system while also helping to ensure they have an avenue to strengthen their arms and remain active.

"This has made my day," he said.

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