Getting swept in the first round of the playoffs was definitely something Ottawa Senators fans don’t want to relive, but it could be much worse, you could root for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

According to a new article by ESPN The Magazine that lists the fan satisfaction rankings of every major North American sports franchise, the Ottawa Senators topped all Canadian teams and sat 29 out of 122 overall. The Leafs on the other hand were second last, beating out only the scandal-ridden New York Knicks.

The annual rankings surveyed 80,000 fans using eight different categories, which include affordability of tickets, ownership and fan relations.

The Toronto Raptors, at 44, were second among Canadian franchises, followed by the Calgary Flames (54), Toronto Blue Jays (67), Montreal Canadiens (73), Edmonton Oilers (80), Vancouver Canucks (91) and the Leafs (121).