Two men who pleaded guilty in the shooting deaths of four Alberta Mounties are to be in court Wednesday to appeal their sentences.

Shawn Hennessey was sentenced last year to 15 years in prison on four counts of manslaughter.

Dennis Cheeseman, who also pleaded guilty to manslaughter, was sentenced to 12 years.

“The court will be hearing the appeal of the sentences that were imposed on these two young men,” Hersh Wolch, Hennessey’s lawyer, said Friday.

“We are arguing that it should be reduced.”

Both men were convicted of indirectly helping James Roszko before he shot the four officers on March 3, 2005, near Mayerthorpe, Alta. They gave Roszko a rifle and a ride to his farm where he later gunned down the Mounties.

Edmonton lawyer Peter Royal is representing Cheeseman.

Wolch and Royal said the appeals will be heard together and their clients will be in court.

During the men’s trial, court heard that Roszko was angry with the RCMP, who were watching over a marijuana grow operation and chop shop they had found in a Quonset hut on his farm.

Hennessey and Cheeseman drove Roszko, who was heavily armed, to his farm and dropped him off at the edge of the property.

A few hours later, shots rang out and constables Brock Myrol, 29; Anthony Gordon, 28; Leo Johnston, 32; and Peter Schiemann, 25, lay dead. Roszko then killed himself after being wounded in a shootout with another Mountie.