The serial shoplifter at the centre of the David Chen citizen’s arrest case was granted $500 bail Thursday on three unrelated theft charges in Chinatown.

Provincial court Judge William Bassel released Anthony Bennett, 52, with several conditions, including that he attend a 28-day drug treatment program.

The success of the treatment program will affect his sentencing on Dec. 17, Bennett’s lawyer and the Crown attorney agreed, according to Bassel.

“I hope this drug treatment works for him this time. It didn't work before,” his wife Linda St. Louis said outside the courthouse. “He’s a good man and a good father.”

The couple have been together for 30 years and have six children.

Bennett pleaded guilty to three counts of theft for stealing flowers on three different dates this summer at the Jungle Fruit Mart on Kensington Avenue.

Shopkeeper Chen, who was in court, was exonerated last month on charges of assault and forcible confinement after chasing and tying up Bennett last May during a theft at his own store, Loose Moose Food Market in Chinatown.

Also in court was Jeff Ng, owner of Jungle Fruit Mart, who will return Dec. 17 to deliver a victim impact statement.

Ng will also ask the court to extend for three years the court order that bars Bennett from the Kensington Market and Chinatown areas.

Bennett is enrolled in the Turning Point Program of the Salvation Army Maxwell Meighen Centre at 135 Sherbourne St.