rafe arnott/metro vancouver


Coffins representing the four workers who died during construction of the Bentall Centre are covered with roses during a ceremony yesterday afternoon at Broadway Skytrain station.


Dozens of mourners gathered in the shadow of Bentall Tower IV at the Burrard Skytrain Station yesterday at noon to remember the tragic deaths of four carpenters who were working on the building 27 years ago.

Donald W. Davis, 34, Brian Stevenson, 21, Gunther Couvreux, 49, and Yrjo Mitrunen, 46, plummeted 36 storeys when a fly-form used for pouring concrete broke away from the top of the tower Jan. 7, 1981 during construction.

Stevenson’s mother, Joyce, said she is glad the memorial is held every year to remember her son and the other men involved.

The event was also an opportunity for labour representatives to voice on-the-job safety concerns.

Thirty-eight construction workers died on-the-job in 2006, 30 more in 2007.