People looking to buy houses in the newer areas of St. Albert are going to be noticing prices a little higher than what they might be used to.

In the city of St. Albert, newer neighbourhoods, such as North Ridge are selling houses with a steeper price tag compared to regular houses sold in the Capital Region.

“It is a community that (costs) a tad higher than the average Edmonton neighbourhood,” said Gene Checora owner and broker with Genner Realty.

“Our taxes are a little bit higher (but) with the services we get here … we are well looked after.”

Checora described the developing North Ridge neighbourhood in the northwest side of town as not only fairly new, but one that places importance on implementing an organic feel into the area.

“It has a pond as you enter it and a fair amount of green space,” said Checora.

“They're primary new homes. The oldest homes are (only) five to six years old.”

James Mabey, real estate broker for Sutton Group - Nor-Vista Realty, agreed that the prices you'll find in St. Albert, and in North Ridge, are higher than most areas in Edmonton.

“The market is skewed up to the high end of things … A new two-story home with no basement would be (around) $490,000,” said Mabey.

“That's a two-story with hardwood and a granite build.

“It can be fairly affordable for a second home (but) there's not a lot of starter homes in that area.”

Mabey said that those higher prices and higher taxes come with some benefits, one of which are high standard of what can and can't be built and the amount of green space needed.

“The community is characterized by being very specific and (they) use bylaws that every community has boulevards … and a (certain) number of trees,” said Mabey.

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