A Roman Catholic diocese in Nova Scotia named in a class-action lawsuit over the alleged sexual abuse of children by its priests has reached a proposed settlement with the plaintiffs.


The lawsuit was launched last year by Ronald Martin, whose brother wrote a suicide note that led to charges of sex crimes against a priest from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Antigonish.


In the suit, Martin claimed that the diocese failed to protect children in its care when it became aware of the alleged abuse.


In a statement today, the law firm that prepared the class action announced that the diocese and the plaintiffs came to a proposed settlement of more than $13 million.

The firm says the settlement would compensate all people who were allegedly sexually assaulted by any priest of the Catholic Episcopal Corp. of Antigonish since Jan. 1, 1950.

Martin’s brother David committed suicide in April 2002, leaving behind a note that sparked a criminal investigation and charges including rape and indecent assault against a former priest.