SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Six men and a boy were charged on Friday with raping a 16-year-old girl and posting videos and pictures of her on the internet, Rio de Janeiro police said in a statement.

The case has sparked a debate about sexism and violence in Brazil and added to security concerns ahead of Rio's hosting of the Summer Olympics in August.

The lead investigator in the case that shocked Brazilians, Cristiana Bento, sent her conclusions to Brazilian prosecutors on Friday. She asked for the arrest of all seven people charged.

The high profile case came to light after a video was posted on Twitter shortly after the May 21 incident. In the clip, the semi-conscious naked teen is seen on a bed as men hurl insults and boast that dozens had raped her.


One of the men charged with the crime, Raí de Souza, has already been arrested. His cell phone provided access to videos and photos used in the investigation, leading to charges against the others who remain at large, the police statement said.

Bento said the investigation was still underway, but information collected so far did not support the victim's allegation that up to 33 men took part in the gang-rape.

(Reporting by Marcelo Teixeira; Editing by Tom Brown)

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