Sex Drive
Director: Sean Anders

Is it written somewhere that teen comedies have to get even more down-and-dirty when they go to DVD? “Warning: Ruder, Cruder, Nuder” reads the come-on for the two-disc set of this small comic gem, which was plenty rude, crude and nude enough in its multiplex incarnation last fall. But it was also very funny.

It steals so shamelessly, from The Sure Thing to American Pie and everything in between, that at times it’s almost like watching a teensploitation genre highlights reel.

The saving grace is that the film’s creators know that you’re onto them. So they just roll with it (did I mention this is also a road movie?) and toss in hilarious changeups that make Sex Drive seem fresher than it is.

Josh Zuckerman’s nerdish Ian steals the cherished vintage Pontiac GTO of knuckle-dragging older brother Rex (James Marsden) for a hormonal quest from Chicago to Tennessee.

He’s accompanied by pals Felicia (Amanda Crew) and Lance (Clark Duke), and vexed by an Amish mechanic (Seth Green).

What do you also want to bet that the trip will involve numerous rude and violent moments, breakdowns both mechanical and emotional, as well as scrapes with the police, angry husbands, psychopathic rednecks and a very unhappy Rex?

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