Jessica Alba wasn’t exactly expecting to get pregnant at 27, but, hey — things happen, the New York Daily News reports.

And getting pregnant wasn’t entirely an accident she tells the June issue of Allure magazine.

“I can’t say it was a total accident,” the actress says. “Because you’re aware of when you’re being careful and when you’re not. It just happened so soon.”

Sex has never been something Alba has taken super seriously.

“I never believed women had to be virgins when they got married, or that a woman has to fall in love with a guy just because they’re having sex. I don’t think sex is a big deal,” she says.

But she is in love now and planning to marry the father of her baby, producer Cash Warren.

Alba admits she and Warren have had their relationship ups and downs. Last May, they broke up briefly and more recently, Alba reveals, she kicked him out of their Beverly Hills House.

“Yes I kicked him out,” she admits. “But it wasn’t like that .... When you’re pregnant your emotions are more tense. If the shoes are in the wrong place you kind of lose your mind.”