A judge has sentenced a convicted sex offender to six years in prison.

Although Ontario Superior Court Justice Albert Roy said yesterday the Crown prosecutors’ recommendation of six to seven years of incarceration was “not out of line,” Peter John Graham will only end up serving three years in a federal penitentiary, due to a two-for-one credit of time served totaling 36 months.

Graham, 44, was first convicted in 1989. In 1990, he allegedly committed a sexual offence against a young girl, and was arrested again in 2006. He has been in custody since August 29, 2006.

“We’re here to deal with an application by the Crown that Mr. Graham is a dangerous offender in accordance of the Criminal Code,” Roy said.

When asked by the judge before sentencing if he had anything to say, Graham, who was neatly dressed in a dark suit and glasses, rose from his seat in the prisoner’s box and said no. He sat quietly throughout the sentencing.

In order to classify him as an offender, the Crown was required to prove that he was convicted; that the offender failed to control his sexual impulses and that he was likely to cause pain or injury as a result of failure to control his sexual impulses.

A diagnosis by a forensic psychologist showed that he failed to control his sexual impulses, Roy said.

Roy also said he has a series of victim impact statements.

“Clearly, the risk is there,” said Roy.

Roy also said Graham will have to go through the sex offender treatment program while in custody and will be under a supervision order for a full 10 years as a long-term offender after his release.

He also ordered Graham to continue alcohol and drug treatment while being subject to random urine testing; not associate with children under 16 years of age unless approved by his parole officer; provide a DNA sample; have limited access to the Internet and abide by a lifetime weapons prohibition. He is already on the national sexual offenders registry.

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