Some of the 10,000 people who took in the Everything to Do With Sex Show in Halifax last weekend got a little more than they expected.


“We got people phoning us to complain they were receiving calls from telemarketers that they won a prize,” said Joel Levitt, president of SX Marketing Inc., the company that produced of the show.


There were two discount travel companies collecting ballots at the show for a free trip. Levitt said both companies have denied anything to do with the scam phone calls. In some cases, people were asked to put down a deposit, pay for extras or sold an upgraded trip.


The companies claim they’re legitimate, but Levitt said his company has cancelled their contracts for the last show on the tour: Montreal in February.


One of the companies was at a previous show to Halifax under a different name, Levitt added.

The show producers sent out a warning over Facebook about the phone calls and advised people to beware of providing their credit card information.

“We can’t prove it was these companies, but people are calling who said they filled out ballots at the show, so I can draw my own conclusions,” he said.

“We’ve made a corporate decision there will no longer be ballots or draws at the show of any kind.”