Sorry, Robert Pattinson — no one does sexy vampire quite like Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard, stars of the ultra-hot undead hit True Blood.


As the series starts its third season Sunday, our human heroine, Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), reluctantly turns to dangerous ally Eric (Skarsgard) to track down her kidnapped boyfriend, Bill (Moyer). It’s a love triangle that’s going to pit fans against each other over which bloodsucker best deserves Sookie’s affections. The actors make the case for both Bill and Eric.

On vampires
Moyer: I think people are interested in (True Blood and Twilight) because ultimately, at the heart of both these stories, are two men who are very respectful of their women and who treat their women in a very old-fashioned way. It’s courtliness, but they’re men. I think that women like that about what vampires represent.


Skarsgard: I know after reading the books (by Charlaine Harris, on which the series is based) that people really like the character. I don’t read blogs about who he is or what people think I should do, because that would make me very insecure. I created the character and he’s a part of me, so obviously I hope that people like him.

On his character’s appeal
Moyer: It’s the struggle that makes Bill interesting. He tries so hard to lead a decent life and not pray on innocents and to live in a moral universe, but he’s still a vampire.


Skarsgard: I think there’s a tremendous amount of confidence in Eric because he has been around for a millennium. He knows that he’s stronger than all the other vampires; he’s not even challenged by them. He’s not trying to prove himself ’cause he doesn’t have to… Eric knows what he wants and he knows how to get it and there’s no two ways about it.

His sexiest scene
Moyer: We have some crazy mud sex, and there’s some very odd biting, blood sucking and blood swapping, but … it’s a love story.

Skarsgard: Fans of the books are going to want to see the Eric-Sookie dynamic take off. What makes (it) really interesting is when it’s kind of forbidden love, and when there’s conflict.