Choose the shade to best atter your skin tone: This bit of advice will keep you from looking like a washed out goth. "If you have very light skin, avoid a dark burgundy. It's too heavy on the face," says makeup guru Tanya Burr, who is most known for her YouTube tutorials on how to re-create celebrity looks. "People with olive complexions can pull off darker shades because it won't be such a shock against the skin. And for dark skin, vibrant shades of burgundy, such as MAC's lipstick in Rebel, are most flattering," she adds.

Avoid textures that are too matte or too glossy: It's not just the shade of burgundy you need to get right, but the texture. "Completely matte, dark lipsticks look too heavy," Burr says. "And ones that are too glossy are really hard to work with because they end up all over your teeth." Go for a satin, creamy finish for the best results.

Balance a heavy lip with a subtle, smoky eye: "Balance" is the operative word here. "Because burgundy lips are so heavy, you don't want to go full-on, applying lots of dark eye makeup," Burr says. "But, don't wear a naked eye either because otherwise the eyes and the lips will be really unbalanced. Don't think, 'I'll just put on mascara.' You'll be all lip," she adds. Instead, she recommends trying a subtle, soft brown smoky eye as a way to round out the drama of the lip.

Top 3 burgundy lipsticks


Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Color in 108 Determinee, $34,

MAC Lipstick in Rebel, $15,

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry, $8,

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