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Krista Sylvester/Metro Calgary


Julie Orton reads up on Shakespeare’s Macbeth to prepare for her role as one of the witches in Mount Royal’s Shakespeare in the Park.


“To go, or not to go,” that is the question for fans of The Bard, as Mount Royal College’s magical Shakespeare in the Park brings their renditions of some of William Shakespeare’s most famous work back to life.

Shakespeare’s Macbeth began last week and the actors have been working hard day and night to bring the characters to life.

Twenty-three-year-old Julie Orton, a U of C actress playing a Macbeth witch and Rosalin, widely thought to be one of Shakespeare’s most compelling female characters from As You Like It, said she’s been rehearsing six days a week, eight hours a day for the summer productions.

“It’s been like a full-time job to be honest. Rehearsing has been very intense because we’re rehearsing for two plays at once, which can be really confusing, but magically, we somehow get it done,” Orton told Metro.

Orton said the gig is like a dream come true for the student actors because they’re given the chance to work alongside professional actors such as Stephen Hair from Theatre Calgary’s Scrooge, and Betty Mitchell Award winner Valerie Ann Pearson from Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

“The plays will appeal to a wide variety of audiences. Macbeth is a well-known play and we have to do well to keep it fresh. When playing Rosalin I have big shoes to fill so it’s been very challenging. Rosalin is such an intriguing character.”

Mount Royal’s Shakespeare in the Park Macbeth runs through Saturday, July 14, followed by As You Like running July 17 to 28.

Both plays take place in the college’s Trans Canada Amphitheatre.

Shakespeare in the Park then re-opens July 31 at Prince’s Island Park with Macbeth and As You Like It rotating every second night through Aug. 25.

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