A few years ago, when I toiled as a host and co-host of talk shows at The Fan 590 radio station in Toronto, a CFL lover named John used to call in on occasion to suggest ways the league could improve.

Well, after this season, John might actually be able to implement his ideas — as CFL commissioner.

John, you see, was (and, yes, still is) John Shannon. Back when he was calling me, he was the head of Hockey Night in Canada. He is now in charge of NHL broadcasting.


Although his background is in hockey, John has followed the CFL closely for decades, and sources say he may be emerging as the leading candidate to succeed outgoing commish Tom Wright.

“Shannon’s happy with his NHL job,” a source says, “but the CFL has interest in him and the idea of serving as commissioner really appeals to him. He loves the CFL.”

• Other candidates: Keith Pelley, president of the Argos; Bob Ackles, president of the B.C. Lions; Glen Suitor, CFL television analyst; Gord Kirke, sports lawyer; Frank McKenna, former New Brunswick premier.

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• The Milwaukee Bucks keep trying to accommodate Torontonian Jamaal Magloire on his trade request, but there’s minimal interest. The Raptors have passed. Golden State is thinking of making a pitch ... New Dallas Stars centre Eric Lindros tossed out the ceremonial first pitch at the Texas Rangers’ game the other night. He’s getting more respect in Dallas than he did in Toronto when he was with the Maple Leafs ... Also at that same Rangers game was former major-leaguer Rafael Palmeiro, considerably lighter and now with shoulder-length hair and a full beard. Chances are Palmeiro doesn’t want to be recognized after suspicions grew last season that he used steroids and lied to a political committee ... Also in front of that committee was Mark McGwire, who refused to answer its questions and, consequently, is no longer a shoo-in to be inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame when he becomes eligible shortly. Cal Ripken Jr. and Tony Gwynn also will be eligible and they are first-ballot shoo-ins ... And about the Blue Jays’ A.J. Burnett: He’s been seriously overrated and grossly overpaid. And, if the Jays don’t make the playoffs, it’ll be because of his lack of contributions as much as anything.

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