City staff and police are reminding motorists and motorcyclists to share roads safely this summer.

The city is stressing the importance of motor safety because of motorcycles’ poor visibility to drivers while on the road.

Acting Sgt. Steve Levesque is a motorcycle-mounted Edmonton police officer, and has a few safety tips for both motorists and motorcyclists .

“The biggest thing is be aware of your surroundings,” said Levesque. “There are so many distractions on the roadway right now ... A motorcycle is a very small image when you’re looking at if from the rear as a motorist.”

Levesque said education is another important factor. “Take a course,” he suggested.

“It’ll give you an opportunity to get familiar with the equipment so that when a panicked situation happens, you’re not thinking what you need to do with the motorcycle — you’ll react and have an opportunity to assess what’s going on.”

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