Princess brings love and kisses to sick kids



robin kuniski/for metro calgary


Princess Asie Ocansey of Ghana gives warm hugs and kisses to cystic fibrosis patient Ashley Ball, 11, as the princess took a tour of the Alberta Children's Hospital yesterday.


« These bracelets were made by hand by my children but they were made with love. »

African royalty hand-delivered 1,000 bracelets made with love and kisses from Ghanian orphans to special Calgary kids yesterday.

Princess Asie Ocansey of Ghana brought the bracelets made by 752 orphans in Ada, Ghana for patients at the Alberta Children’s Hospital after she fell in love with the medical centre on her last visit to the city.

“These bracelets were made by hand by my children but they were made with love. They are the perfect Valentine’s gift with kisses, as each was kissed by the children who made them,” Princess Ocansey told Metro.

The princess took a picture of the children’s hospital when she was in the city in September 2006 and took it back to show her orphan children who wanted to do something nice for the patients at the hospital.

“I fell in love with the hospital when I was here and then they fell in love with it, too. In the minds of the orphans, they really feel like they adopted this hospital,” she said with a smile.

The princess gave the gifts to a special 11-year-old patient who has been in the hospital long-term, Ashley Ball.

“I think she is a really nice, kind, caring woman,” Ball said. “I am never going to take this bracelet off. And it’s my favourite colour.”

Ball was chosen specifically for the unique presentation because she has been an Alberta Children’s Hospital patient for so long.

“We thought she deserved to meet the princess because she spends a lot of time here and it’s not everyday you get to meet a princess,” Sandy Baggot, child life specialist told Metro.