Besides a large ego and predatory instincts, Dwayne the Shark has one more thing in common with today’s celebrities: A Twitter account.

The 80-kilogram, 2.5-metre-long nurse shark is “tweeting,” updating followers on the social networking platform about topics ranging from his swimming schedule to his excitement at Hannah Montana actor Mitchel Musso’s concert at the Toronto Zoo Sunday.

“We have a unique point of view from under the water. That’s for sure,” Adam Thur, the marketing campaign director who tweets on behalf of Dwayne, said yesterday.

“Sharks happen to be very interesting and very funny. We have lots of teeth, but we can actually be very personable.” (Dwayne’s favourite food, by the way, is shrimp.)

Thur, who sometimes even refers to himself as Dwayne the Shark, said he represents the shark and is at its beck and call.

“Unfortunately, he can’t really speak … but Dwayne’s really the one that’s tweeting,” he said.

Dwayne arrived at the Toronto Zoo’s Stingray Bay in May along with three other nurse sharks and four bamboo sharks from their original home in the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Brazil.

While nurse sharks can grow up to nine feet long, bamboo sharks are smaller at 12 to 20 inches, Thur said.

The interactive shark exhibit and Dwayne’s Twitter updates will continue until Oct.12.

“Dwayne is a little bit into himself,” Thur said. “He really is the biggest shark in the pool and he knows it. He knows how cool that makes him …And he really likes to tell people how cool he is.”

The celebrity shark’s Twitter page is updated at least three times a week with fun facts about sharks and Toronto Zoo announcements. As of yesterday, Dwayne had 43 followers on Twitter, which can be accessed on the zoo’s website,

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