Making movies can be glamorous, but according to the stars of Shark Night 3D, their shoot was anything but.

“I got a little chewed up,” says the Yellowknife-born Dustin Milligan.

“We went blind, literally,” adds co-star Sara Paxton. “It was pretty bad, but my retina has healed.”

The pair are describing the rope burn and chlorine damage they suffered doing some of the stunts in the film, but that, they say, wasn’t the craziest part of making the shark attack movie.


“We were literally in Deliverance town,” says Sara. “We were shooting in a place called Uncertain, Texas, population ten.”

“There were some locals that definitely reminded you of how remote it was,” adds Dustin.

“They were super nice though,” says Sara.

Not as nice were the other indigenous life forms of the area.

“There were twelve foot alligators, there were water moccasins, crazy fish with big teeth and snapping turtles,” Sara says

“It was definitely a scary experience,” Dustin says, “and then the sharks themselves were terrifying. And it was dirty water too.”

“Really dirty,” chimes in Sara. “We had ex Navy Seals as our stunt guys and they would go out on Wave Runners and clear out the area beforehand. They’d swirl the water around and make noise. ‘It’s fine. It’s fine. We checked the water.’ Then Alyssa was in the water and asked, ‘Why did that log blink?’”

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