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Sharon Frohwein before, top, and after her Style By Jury makeover.


What’s your first impression of Sharon Frohwein? The first thing our jury noticed was her round glasses, hair band, oversized clothes and white shoes that looked like they were borrowed from a nurse with flat feet. The look was total nerd.

Sharon is 32, but looks 10 years older. She hadn’t dated in three years, and even though she had an appealing personality, the jury agreed that her look was killing her sex appeal.

The old saying that “men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses” was true for Sharon, so we sent her to the Herzig Eye Institute for lasik eye surgery. Then it was off to see our cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Kucy Pon, for treatment with a

V-beam laser to reduce Sharon’s acne scars and rosacea.

The next stop was at Sharon’s closet with fashion stylist David Clemmer. He found oversized outfits in prints that “should never be seen outside a Caribbean resort.”

The worst offender was a matching skirt and blouse with a horizontal pattern of African animals. David told Sharon, “The creatures walking across your middle just make you look wider.” As for her footwear, David said, “Those are sensible shoes — it just doesn’t make sense for someone who’s 32 to wear them.” After a quick trip to Town Shoes (www.TownShoes.com) for a few pairs of heels, he whisked Sharon off to The Bay for some new outfits that complemented her bubbly personality.

The next stop was a visit with hair stylist Johnny Cupello. He loved her healthy hair but felt that it had “no movement, no body, no layers and no framing.” He started by tossing out her hair band and giving her a new colour and a layered cut. Sharon’s response? “You’ve turned this little pussycat into a wildcat!”

Sharon then took her new sexy self over to see our genius makeup artist Korby Banner, who worked on bringing drama and depth to her eyes. His advice was to use liquid eye liner just above the base of upper lashes starting from the inner corner and winging it up slightly at the outer edge. His final touch was with an eyelash curler because “nothing says sexy like curled eyelashes. Just squeeze and hold for 10 seconds.”

Finally, since Sharon hadn’t had a date for three years, we arranged a visit with our coach Frankie Doiron.

Her advice? “Ask personal questions, but stay away from conversations about religion, politics or sex. And show a man that you’re interested in him by touching him lightly on the arm.”

Then we had a little surprise for Sharon. We set her up on a blind date with the hidden cameras rolling, and Frankie coaching her through a hidden earpiece. Would her new skills pay off, or was she destined for another three dateless years?

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