Salmon activists have beamed up Captain Kirk to help protect British Columbia’s wild salmon.

William Shatner, who played the iconic James T. Kirk on the original Star Trek series, has boldly ventured into a fight against salmon farmers on the Pacific coast.

This morning, he’s taking part in a conference call organized by New Westminster–Coquitlam NDP MP Fin Donnelly. Also on the line with Shatner, who’s phoning in from Los Angeles, will be marine biologist Alexandra Morton and Chief Bob Chamberlain, according to the NDP news release.

The call is meant to support a New Democrat bill that would force salmon farmers to move their operations to closed-containment tanks and away from coastal waters.

Salmon activists say the open-water farms attract sea lice that escape and latch onto wild salmon, killing younger fish.

Shatner reportedly agreed to speak out after receiving a call from Donnelly but has been a supporter of B.C. salmon for some time. He wrote a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper last year about fish farms in Northern B.C.