There is a tattoo on Jennifer Broe’s right wrist that says ‘Believe’ and Jennifer says it’s a reminder to her every day to remain focused on the path toward success.

“I kept hitting so many walls. I wasn’t sure I would be able to go forward. I was in my car a lot so it was a constant reminder to keep moving forward.”

Jennifer started Baby Gourmet out of her kitchen in Calgary when a new mom’s support group kept asking for her homemade organic food for their own babies. She set up shop in a high-end farmer’s market and was soon selling $30,000 a month.

Within two years she had assembled a management team, secured funding and was ready to hit the marketplace. Her first pitch was to Canada’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart, and she was so convincing she got the contract sent to her on her Blackberry on the way back to the car.


“We’re feeding kids delicious foods that they love to eat and that moms can feel good about. I always trust my intuition and that’s what’s taken me forward.”

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