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She’s writing her own destiny

Kathleen Mailer is a multi-hyphenate businesswoman with a story to tell

“We grew up in poverty and my Dad worked 24-7 to feed our family. At the end of his life he said, ‘You’re a mentor. Don’t let people suffer the way mom and I did. Go out there and make a difference.’”

That was 12 years ago and today, Kathleen Mailer is a motivational speaker, Canada’s leading authority on self-publishing, a business mentor, pastor, philanthropist, editor of Today’s Businesswoman magazine and the author of 38 books.

“I realized life is too short to sit on your dreams. You have to it now. Make a decision and quit thinking, ‘One day I’m going to...’. Get over your fears and past the inner terrorist that tells you can’t do it. Tell them to go away.”

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Kathleen will be holding workshops across Canada in the coming months and will be in Toronto on Nov.19.

“It’s really easy to write books but a lot of people don’t realize it.”

Take Kathleen’s advice and make it a turning point for you. Make a decision, move forward and kick that ‘inner terrorist’ to the curb.

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