Young or old, cancer has no boundaries.

Last year, at 24 years of age, Leah Kirtio found out she had breast cancer. However, she wasn’t about to start feeling sorry for herself.

“I find humour helps so much better than sitting there and asking why,” she said. “I just figured it’s something I have to get through and I decided to fight it head-on.”

Fighting is exactly what she did this weekend during the Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend to End Women’s Cancers fundraiser at Rundle Park.

On Saturday, she joined more than 700 other participants in trucking along the 60-kilometre route, crossing the finish line yesterday.

“It’s overwhelming and it’s awesome to see the support everybody offers, and you only see smiles and laughter ... It’s just a great community to be part of,” exclaimed Kirtio.

After a few more test results and one more surgery, Kirtio has high hopes of being cancer-free soon.