Visitor attacked outside Drop-In

A 66-year-old man attacked Saturday outside the Drop-In & Rehab Centre by two men wants police and shelter authorities to do more.

The man, who asked to remain anonymous, has lived at the Drop-In for four months and sees violence escalating around shelters, but said nothing is being done.


"The police are too worried about people drinking in the park," said the man who received 11 stitches on his nose following the attack.

"Cops don’t have their priorities right and the violence is getting out of hand."

Much of the crime and violence goes unreported, he said, adding he believes it is largely drug-related.

Security at some Calgary shelters was called into question after 45-year-old Jeff Marple was killed in an altercation at a northwest shelter Feb. 14. A memorial service for Marple was held over the weekend at his hometown of Woodstock, Ont.

The centre acknowledges scuffles, but does have a plan in place to deal with them.

"There are incidents, but they don’t require reporting because they are generally dealt with by staff," said Louise Gallagher, spokesperson for the Drop-In & Rehab Centre. "If individuals have a history of violence, there are consequences."


  • Violent acts will get a person banned from the Drop-In centre for half a day to two weeks.

  • Permanent bans are given only for dealing drugs, prostituting and extreme cases of violence.

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