Some of Edmonton’s shelter staffers worked overtime this weekend to ensure that Easter was enjoyable for everyone.

“We are filled to the brims,” Sister Lucinda, executive director for Lurana Shelter, told Metro yesterday.

She believed that the shelter was around 75 per cent full over the Easter weekend last year, but this year all 32 beds are occupied.

Sister Lucinda said she believed the increase in women at the shelter is related to the state of the economy. She also said the shelter usually sees a decrease in attendance during the Christmas and Easter holidays because people try to reconcile with their families.

Over the Easter weekend, the Hope Mission provided a banquet on Good Friday that served more than 700 people. Around 50 volunteers had to offer two dinner sittings for lines that went around two corners of the building.

“Typically, our shelters are running between 550 and 650 people per night,” said Peter Gerber, community relations for Hope Mission. “Since the economy kinda turned a little bit, we’ve been seeing that number increasing.”

Gerber said that the shelter has monthly attendance trends and that holidays don’t make a significant difference.

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