Career-focused and built with real-world success in mind, Sheridan’s graduate certificate programs let you hone your skills and get into the job market quicker and stronger than at any other school.

With 25 separate programs designed for people with previous degrees and diplomas and each lasting one year or less in length, Sheridan College’s certificate programs offer outstanding career training in an intense and productive setting that ensures graduates are primed for success in their chosen fields.

For 24-year-old artist Jessica McCann, a graduate of the web design graduate certificate program, the dream of creating her own website to showcase and promote her creations was a big reason she considered Sheridan, coupled with the program’s time frame.

“Just the thought of being able to design my own portfolio website for my paintings was a big factor, and the fact that the program was only eight months really appealed to me,” she said.

McCann had a previous degree in fine art from Queen’s University, and wanted to develop skills that would let her take her craft further while giving her a strong second foundation financially.

Going from using her hands to express her creativity to having to think abstractly about numbers and coding was an enormous paradigm shift for her, but McCann says the outstanding format of the web design program, with its emphasis on practical learning, took all of the fear out of the learning process for her.

“Initially, I was terrified because it was a huge leap on my part. Coming from a tactile side of the brain, it took a personality shift for me, but the program was so well presented I felt like I could jump in with both feet,” McCann said.

Upon graduating, McCann immediately found work as a website designer and coder along with finally creating her dream portfolio website. She credits the Sheridan web design graduate certificate program with giving her career a powerful kick-start.

“The program was outstanding — it was all condensed into a straightforward, comprehensive, intense program that completely prepared me for the job market and my career. It’s completely the reason for my success,” McCann said.

Thomas Degez, 28, completed the post-graduate marketing management program at Sheridan because after getting his communications studies and philosophy degree from Wilfred Laurier, he wanted to network and find a job in the marketing industry. He picked Sheridan because of its excellent reputation for outstanding training that opens doors with employers.

“I really liked the idea of Sheridan’s integrated project, and it was a really excellent opportunity to work with the community. Sheridan just has a great network with employers and I chose Sheridan for its strong reputation,” Degez said.

With a previous degree under his belt, Degez wanted to put his skills to work quickly, and the condensed time frame of a Sheridan graduate certificate program was ideal because it provided strong training and experience in a format that fit his life. He now works as a producer in online and digital advertising.

“I didn’t have time to go back for four years and what a Sheridan certificate gave me was the same amount of theoretical and practical work experience that a student would have in a three- or four-year program. It’s been phenomenal,” Degez said.

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