A Cape Breton trucking company is raising the eyebrow of a union representing dairy workers involved in a labour dispute in Bedford.

Kim Power, a national representative of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada, which represents about 250 full-time and part-time Farmers Dairy employees in Nova Scotia, says several trucking firms are now fulfilling the duties of their workers, including Tom MacDonald Trucking services in Sydney.

“They have taken over the duties of the unionized workers in Bedford,” said Power. “The bargaining unit in Bedford entails everybody from production to shipping to merchandising the stores. And so, because it’s a trucking company they are now trucking product from the plant to the stores, to the depot centres ... in place of the unionized workers.”

Tom MacDonald Trucking Ltd. president Tom MacDonald could not be reached for comment.

Labour dispute

Bargaining began last October as an employee contract was set to expire

• June After two days of conciliation, a report was filed with the Minister of Labour, triggering a mandatory 14-day countdown period before a strike or lockout could commence.

• July A final meeting was held on July 7, resulting in the union serving notice of a strike and the employer serving notice of a lockout.