Angie Macdonald was left in a state of shock after opening her monthly statement from Enmax earlier this week.

It specified that a payment of $923.43 was owed by Jan. 4 unless alternative payment arrangements were made.

Accompanying the bill was a message from the city-owned utilities provider. “Enclosed is an invoice that may be higher than you expected due to a technical error that caused a delay in processing of services on your account,” it reads.

According to her statement, Macdonald paid $124.43 to Enmax for November.

“They decided right now that they haven’t been charging us enough for the past year and so they sent us a list with all of the past charges,” Macdonald said.

Enmax spokesperson Doris Kaufmann said Macdonald was not contacted prior to receiving her bill and apologized on the company’s behalf. She said Enmax now intends to make penalty-free arrangements with the customer.

“It should be clarified that what happened on Ms. Macdonald’s account was rare, and today we have automated reporting in place to identify this error. However, these reports were not in place in August of 2009, when this occurred,” Kaufmann said.

When contacted by Metro, Macdonald was still consulting with her roommates as to how to proceed.

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