Michael Jackson was not only a great pop singer and dance artist — but he was also an inventor, patenting new technologies to support his signature moves.

One trick Jackson liked to carry out during his concerts was to defy gravity. During a number, he would lean so far forward that the audience was amazed at how he did not fall over. The secret behind the gravity-defying trick? A shoe he invented and patented.

On Google Patents, it is possible to see Jackson’s invention in its entirety, with sketches of how the specially designed shoes work on stage. By attaching the shoe to the floor, Jackson could be sure he would remain standing even when he leaned forward to near-toppling degrees.

How it was done:

• Jackson’s specially designed shoe went above the ankle;

• The heel of the shoe had a V-shaped notch;

• Screws in the stage floor where attached to holes scored into the heels;

• Jackson could then lean forward and be sure not to fall over;

• One the move was completed, the heel could be detached from the screws.

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