As newer, better and faster digital SLRs are released into the market, more and more people are beginning to explore their inner photographer.

Grant MacEwan offers a few different levels of continuing education classes in photography, allowing anyone with a digital SLR to develop the skills of those of a professional.

“Some people take these courses with the desire to become professional photographers, others just want to take better family pictures,” says Jason Symington, instructor of the continuing education photography programs at Grant MacEwan.

Symington gets his students out of automatic mode and gets them comfortable composing and creating photos in the manual mode of their cameras.

“Some students are looking to move into a specific field of photography,” says Symington. “It is my challenge to further their skills and understanding of creating photography for that field.”
Grant MacEwan currently offers digital photography, digital SLR basics and digital SLR advanced — for those students who feel they already posses a working knowledge of their SLR — but only digital photography offers the student credits.

“The one consistent (thing) with each student is they all have a passion for and desire to create photography,” says Symington.

For Linda Patterson, a 37-year-old purchasing officer, it was a gift from her husband on their anniversary that sparked desire to learn more about digital photography.

“I’ve always loved and appreciated the art of photography,” say Patterson.

Recognizing her passion for photography, it was Patterson’s husband who suggested she take some classes to refine her photographic skills and in the fall of 2007, she found herself in Symington’s class.

With the push of her instructor, Patterson gained the confidence she needed to strive for the best possible photos.

“This was a huge learning curve since I had never taken my camera out of auto,” says Patterson.

Having completed the digital photography course, Patterson is now on her way towards a career she is truly passionate about.

“It has given me the start of a profession that I love,” says Patterson.

With beginner level courses starting next week, it is time to start clicking and letting your creative juices flow.

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