UPDATE: Danish cops shoot, kill terror suspect in twin attacks.

Danish authorities are investigating whether two fatal shootings in Copenhagen -- one at a Charlie Hebdo-tied free speech event and the other at a synagogue hours later on Sunday -- are the work of Islamic extremists.

Two cops were wounded and a man fatally shot in the head in attack on a Jewish synagogue in central Copenhagen.

Hours earlier, a forum on freedom of speech at a cafe in Osterbro, northern Copenhagen, was shot up by a solitary gunman. Three cops were injured and at lea1st one man died in the Krudttoenden Cafe slaughter.


The reported target of the gunfire was Lars Vilks, a Swedish artist who, like the Charlie Hebdo magazine slay victims in France, angered Muslims with cartoons of Prophet Muhammad.

A definitive tie between the two shootings has not been nailed down.

With Vilks at the event -- called Art, Blasphemy and the Freedom of Expression -- was Francois Zimeray, the French ambassador to Denmark.

Both were unharmed.

"Denmark has today been hit by a cynical act of violence," Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt said. "Everything indicates that the shooting in Osterbro was a political assassination, and thus an act of terrorism."

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