A Kentucky man who neighbors said had been growing increasingly hostile went on a shooting spree in his trailer park on Saturday, killing his wife and her daughter, as well as three others, before turning the gun on himself, the Associated Press reports.

Stanley Neace, 47, allegedly enraged at his wife over his morning eggs, killed the woman, Sandra Neace, 54, with a 12-gauge pump shotgun, and then fired on neighbors who had witnessed the event.

Steve Smith, who also lives in the Mount Carmel community in Jackson, said he saw the deadly incident unfold from the window of his neighboring mobile home. “He chased his wife around that Jeep shooting at her,” Smith said. “I heard her screaming and running.”


Robert Collins, another neighbor, corroborated claims that Neace had been somewhat of a neighborhood menace, explaining that he would use a nearby river as a target practice site. “He’s been trouble ever since he’s been here,” Smith said.

When officers arrived at the scene, about an hour after the shooting began, said Trooper Jody Sims of the Kentucky State Police, they heard one final shot, and afterward found Neace’s dead body.

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