When Paula Deslippe awoke to the sound of shots fired early yesterday morning, it was the second time in a week she had witnessed gunplay outside of her Burnaby condo.

“I heard gunshots around 1:35 and … within two minutes there were police thoroughly searching the entire area,” said Deslippe, 27, who has lived in Tandem Towers for three years.

“The fact that I didn’t see anyone get away, that kind of scared me a bit.”

A week ago, Deslippe watched a vehicle flee the condo’s parkade after Peter Singh Adiwal was shot there.

Adiwal, an alleged member of the Independent Soldiers gang, is in serious condition after being hit 20 times.

On March 3, a woman was shot and killed in an apartment nearby.

“If I move, am I going to move next door to the people who were shooting at (them)?” Deslippe asked.

“It makes you curious as to what’s happening in your own residence. Who really lives in these towers?”

Mike Nakhleh, 25, who also lives in the building, said his girlfriend’s car was parked five spots from Adiwal’s an hour before he was shot.

“You never know where the bullets are going to go,” he said, adding that his girlfriend wants him to move. “I don’t get rattled too easily, but it’s definitely concerning.”

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